Automotive Tint

Our automotive tint visually enhances the look of your car, keeps it cooler in the sun, offers a level of privacy, and helps protect your car’s interior by filtering out ultraviolet light that causes fading and cracking on leather, vinyl, and fabric. All of the films we carry block out 99%+ of ultraviolet light, helping slow down your vehicle’s aging process, while offering different levels of shading and heat rejection.

The benefits of auto tint window film include:
• Rejecting up to 65% of the total Solar Energy entering the vehicle
• Reducing the sun’s glare • Rejecting 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays
• Reducing intense bright spots on sunny days and blinding headlights during the night
• Preventing the vehicle’s interior from cracking and fading
• Reducing air conditioning load and improving fuel efficiency
• Helping to hold shards of broken glass together in accidents
• Creating a safer and more comfortable driving environment

The Ceramic series is our flagship product, and is a true warrior in the lineup. Broad Spectrum Infrared-Heat Rejection. You won’t believe how well this film performs, and you need us to put a sample of this film on a heat lamp to truly see what a solar control heavyweight looks like. This film is made with our market leading IR Ceramic Technology that offers the highest heat rejection rate available, which is 90% heat rejection,and 99% UV protection.