Commercial Vehicle Wrap

Our commercial vehicle wrap(s) are in a sense a 24/7 running commercial for your business. Regardless of location or size of your fleet, it is a highly effective, and simple advertising tool that reaches your target audience with a minimum cost but high potential for return.

Just like our custom graphics, and decals. Our commercial vehicle wraps will not harm the paint on your vehicle ( depending upon that paint’s condition when the wrap is installed ).  There are plenty of companies in the market who offer this to their clients, however, what separates Premier Window tinting & Wraps from the rest is our quality.  After the job is done, your vehicle(s) will appear to have a custom paint job that will bring a level of professionalism and eye catching marketing on a daily basis.

Lets talk about the return that is possible upon having our commercial vehicle wrap installed on your fleet.  The studies show this has an impressive return on investment (ROI). The ATA conducted a survey and over 80% of the people who participated in the survey stated that they remember the product or company advertising.

A single commercial vehicle wrap can generate up to 70 thousand impressions daily depending upon location, size of fleet, and how often your vehicle(s) are actually out and about.  This for the most part is typically more cost-effective than buying print ads or radio and or TV commercials.

Let us take care of your commercial vehicle wrap needs today, and stop by or give us a call.