Automotive Paint Protection

Our automotive paint protection is something that more and more of our clients are interested in.  We all know the frustration of have a new car, a car that has been very well taken care of, or a new paint job to only find that rocks have beaten up the hood, or fenders, or bumper.  There are also dangers from the acids in bugs that cover the front of our cars and mirrors when we take trips at times, and even though they are washed away, the residue is still left behind thus eating away at your clear coat and or paint.

Keep your car looking its best!

Start by protecting your vehicle today with Arkansas Premier Window Tinting & Wraps and our Automotive Paint Protection.
Our automotive paint protection helps to protect your vehicle from stones, gravel, sand, scratches, bug residue, winter salt, and other flying objects that may cause minor paint damage.

• Helps protect paint from minor damage inevitable with normal vehicle use
• Top quality film designed to resist cracking, peeling and discoloration
• No special maintenance – just wash and wax as normal
• Virtually invisible finish which blends with your vehicles clear coat
• Less expensive option than eventually having your car repainted
• Forms to your vehicles exact shape for a flawless look
• Comes with a Limited 7 year warranty (compare to 3-5 elsewhere)